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February Fandom Fest 2016...

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Here are a few of my favorite fandoms for the February Fandom Fest I just signed up for...

My OTP for HBO's Oz: Tobias Beecher & Chris Keller. They had a volatile, violent, passionate, and doomed relationship. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions to watch this series, not only for these two, but also the myriad of other characters that featured on the show. If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend you do. It's a thrill-ride. I doubt you'll be disappointed...

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February Fandom Fest...

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Happy Thanksgiving all...

Jul. 25th, 2015

Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. Guess I'd be channeling Sam & Dean once the zombie apocalypse hits. :D

Prompt #16 for Oz_Wishing_Well

Prompt #16: Artwork collage of your favorite Oz actor in his (or her) most acclaimed/iconic roles, with the Oz character being the focal point.

Artist: nindevotee

Killer Keller...
98K514_Oz Wishing Well

Prompt #9 for Oz_Wishing_Well

Prompt #9: Kid!Dino and Toddler!Petey knew Kid!Ryan and Toddler!Cyril from the playground. Make of that what you want :D Something cute would be nice

Artist: nindevotee

I misread the prompt at first and came up with this...
Songs of Experience_Oz

When I re-read the prompt, I came up with this...
Songs of Innocence_Oz

The poems are from William Blake's Songs of Experience (A Little Boy Lost) and Songs of Innocence (Infant Joy).

My New Favorite Fandom...





Happy Birthday!



Harold Ramis: 1944-2014

Today I heard...

that February the 22nd will be the End of the World, at least according to Norse Mythology...

So, I will either see you peeps here again in the next few days or perhaps in Valhalla, or wherever it is we mortals go when we die.

Some chocolate for my flist...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!




Happy New Years all!

I hope everyone had fun New Years Eve and recovered from their hangovers sufficiently New Years day :D Sadly, all I'm recovering from is the flu :( But hey Valentine's day is next on the celebratory list, so here's to chocolate and flowers and more smoochy boy-on-boy action. Bring on those B/K and S/D fics and manips, 2014!

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Now I'm curious too...

Craigslist posting

Came across this on Craigslist. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

Buddy and his prezzie...

Buddy & his new friend Chewbacca...
buddy & chewbacca

buddy & chewy

Santa Buddy...
buddy christmas morning 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Thor Poll!


Who's Your Favorite Thor?

Chris Hemsworth
Vincent D'Onofrio

Me? I'll take 'em both anyday!



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Paging Flist

Any ideas for a last minute Halloween costume? Has to be SFW. If I lived anywhere near Ms. ColleenDetroit, I'd pay her to make me a costume, but I'm like two states away . :(

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